The first Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Qualifier in the UAE delivers on all levels.


The first Red Bull Pump Track World Championship Qualifier in the UAE delivers on all levels.

The first-ever Red Bull Pump Track World Championship qualifier in the Middle East was hosted at the Fujairah Adventure Park this past weekend. Fujairah is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and the only of the seven with a coastline solely on the Gulf of Oman, its capital is Fujairah City and this gorgeous location did not disappoint for one of the penultimate qualifiers of 2019.

Beautifully located in the mountains just outside the main city, the newly constructed Velosolutions track showcased an excellent day of racing under a blistering sun. The technical track saw quite a few upsets throughout the day, but by the time the sun settled, it was the fastest riders that stood on top of the podium!

Mansour Safran takes the win / Photo: Najib Zouein

Mansour Safran takes the win

Mansour Safran, a 28-year-old BMX park and street rider from Kuwait took the win in the male category from scooter kid, 19-year-old UK rider Oliver Ogdan who borrowed a BMX bike for the day. Mansour took the win in fine form after a crash in the qualification run  ”I had a crash in my first qualification run so it was exciting there for a minute. Luckily it got better throughout the day, so I’m happy to win. Now I will learn from mistakes and train before the finals in Switzerland”

Tara Atkinson 32-year-old MTB rider from Great Britain was born and raised in UAE and secured her ticket to the World Final against 18-year-old Aisha Almerhairi. “I normally race Enduro and DH, it’s a very special race for me, back in April I broke a vertebra in my back and I actually have used pump track as a form of rehab. You can’t really replicate riding in the gym, so pump track has definitely helped me get back on my bike and up to speed quicker and it means so much to stand on top of the podium today.



  1. Tara Atkinson, GBR, 36.48 Sec
  2. Aisha Almehairi, UAE, 38.65 Sec
  3. Juane Van Tander, NED, 39.32 Sec


  1. Mansour Safran, KUW 29.07 Sec
  2. Oliver Ogdan, GBR, 29.99 Sec
  3. Abdulla Alhosani, UAE, 30.86 Sec
  4. Kevin Pretorius, RSA, 32.09 Sec