Austria you were unstoppable - The Red Bull Pump Track World Championship shakes it up in Mittersill

The Red Bull Pump Track World Championship moved back to Europe this week and Austria played host to the 7th Qualifier of the series with a superb day of pump track racing.

Mittersill, located in the province of Salzburg was the home for the 2019 Austrian Qualifier of the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship providing the perfect backdrop with its astounding mountain landscape. The Mittersill Velosolutions Pump Track is situated in a multi-sports complex that covers a 2500m2 area in the Pingzau region of  the Alps and it proved its mettle on a day of adverse weather conditions

Weather comes second to riders determination

Riders from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and France braved heavy rain, wind and big temperature drops and gave it all to battle for a place at the World Final. Chris Pfeiffer, professional motorbike freestyle rider and 4 x World Stuntriding Champion joined in on the race and proved that at 49, age is really just a number, and nothing should stop you from taking part in the action.

Vanessa Kager takes the first double Qualifier  win in the series

Vanessa Kager did it again after her win in Italy!! The 18-year-old BMX rider hails from Austria and is determined to become the queen of pump track racing, pure grit and on point racing skills gave her another first place on the podium, this time in her home country.

It was a repeat battle of the Italian Qualifier with Michaela Hájková taking the 2nd place in this round again after she set the fastest time on the track in the female category earlier in the day. However, the 17-year-old Czech BMX rider secured her place to the World Final this time  - if a rider wins a qualifier more than once the 2nd placed rider from the 2nd qualifier will get to travel to the Final. Romana Labounkova, the 2018 winner of the Austrian Qualifier and the current UCI 4X World Champion held onto a third place this year.

Marcin Rot takes the podium in Austria this time

In the men’s category, it was the battle of the mountain bike, with Marcin Rot staking his claim to the World Final again - it will be the second time around for the 28-year-old Polish MTB rider - after winning the German Qualifier in 2018. Kevin Maderegger, Austrian Enduro rider had to settle for a second after a crash in the final turn before the finish line.

Austria showed the immense momentum the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship is gaining with every qualifier and the next few months is set to be a showdown between the various biking disciplines and nations. We can’t wait.



1. Marcin Rot - MTB - Poland

2. Kevin Maderegger - MTB - Austria

3. Milosz Michta - MTB - Poland

4. Patrick Kager - BMX - Austria


1. Vanessa Kager - BMX - Austria

2. Michaela Hájková - BMX - Czech Republic

3. Romana Labounkova - MTB - Czech Republic

4. Lisa Salzmann - MTB - Germany

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