Спасибо Россия, спасибо Ижевск – это было круто. Thank you Russia, thank you Izhevsk – that was awesome.


Спасибо Россия, спасибо Ижевск – это было круто. Thank you Russia, thank you Izhevsk – that was awesome.

Rider on track at the Russian Qualifier / Photo: Pavel Sukhorukov

Russia stood strong this past weekend as the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship moved on to the surreal city of  Izhevsk – located on the Izh River in the Western Urals area – with over 70 riders leaving it all on track to secure their place in the starting line-up in Switzerland in October. 

Izhevsk is the capital of the province Udmurtia and one of Russia’s largest industrial centres – often described as the arms capital – and home to Kalashnikov, maker of the legendary rifle. This weekend, however, it became the home of everything pump track as Seti Park hosted the Russian Qualifier of the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship with over 70 riders gathering to battle it out for that World Final ticket. 

Big crowds and big pump track sets the tone for the day

The impressive 2000sm2 Velosolutions Pump Track set the stage for an epic day of racing in near-perfect weather conditions with the 600 plus crowd loudly cheering on a largely MTB field with the head to head pursuit format in the final runs ensuring a thrilling end to the already massive day.

The battle of the local heroes

Boris Ponomarev local pro BMX rider from Sarapul and member of the National BMX team took the win in the Men’s category after a fiercely fought battle against local MTB hero, Ivan Kunaev from Saransk – the idol of young riders in the area. 

Olga Romzaikina secures her podium win
Olga Romzaikina, MTB rider from Moscow was unbeatable on the day – the 4x National Champion and participant of 4x World Cup races  – managing a 2ndplace at the Latvian Qualifier stage of the Red Bull Pump Track Championship 2019, she made sure to take the World Final ticket home with her this weekend.

With cheering crowds, a massive field of riders, a great vibe, super spirit all around and brilliant organisation we couldn’t have asked for a better kick-off in Russia! Thank you, Izhevsk



1. Boris Ponomarev – BMX – Russia

2. Ivan Kunaev – MTB – Russia

3. Vladimir Lavrenov – MTB – Russia

4. Nikita Bijanov – MTB – Russia


1. Olga Romzaikina – MTB – Russia

2. Anna Skumbina – MTB – Russia

3. Sabina Almasova – MTB – Russia

4. Yulia Artemeva – MTB – Russia

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